About us

Our journey started in 2017 as a search for contemporary, minimal clothing; but why just search for looks, when we could create what we wanted to wear Born and bred in Los Angeles, CA - Dylan James stands for elevated basics. We’re about minimal yet versatile looks. Clean lines and contemporary aesthetics that are on-trend—but never at the mercy of trends. Just simple, unique designs you can wear confidently, anywhere. We want you to build your wardrobe with staples that you love!  

"At Dylan James, our mission is to empower women through their wardrobe. We believe that what you wear has the power to inspire confidence and self-expression. We are committed to curating a collection of stylish, high-quality garments that not only make our customers look good but also feel good about their choices. We prioritize sourcing sustainable products, ensuring that our clothing is ethically made and environmentally conscious. We strive to create a positive impact on both the fashion industry and the planet, empowering women to make conscious choices without sacrificing style. Together, let's embrace fashion as a tool for empowerment and sustainability."