New Year New You Closet MakeOver

Ever year we all get excited about the possibilities that a new Year brings forth.  We all want to become fit, healthy, address financial matters and make short lived resolutions (speaking for myself).  In doing all of this it is tradition to clean our homes including our (for most) "dreaded closet."

There are things in there that remind us of who we use to be, how small or large we once were, and "why in the hell did I buy that?" 

This year lets try something different all together when cleaning our closets!  I have over the years developed a new habit.  I think it has become a highlight in my year end rituals and it leaves me feeling good about who I am, who I have been over the past years and where I am trying to go.  All speaking from a style point of view.....  I would need a therapist here to explain any other part of my life...

I have created a system for myself and I like to call it the "ultimate closet haul!"  I am able to see what has worked for me in my wardrobe and what hasn't, what needs to go and what can be reinvented.  I like to create three piles and I call them "Its A KEEPER, MUST DONATE and HMMM I THINK I CAN REINVENT."

The items I chose "It's a Keeper" are all my basics.  On trend, but not to trendy (if that makes sense) versatile pieces that can be worn over and over as a staple in my wardrobe.  And for me, I have a few signature key pieces that I just cant let go.  

Distressed Denim everything

Camo Jacket

My husbands and sons Flannel Shirts 

Adidas Stan Smiths

Black cotton pencil skirt

Bandanas, but only red or blue!  I like to keep my hair out of my face because if it touches my cheeks I will break out almost immediately!!

White Tee's


If you know me, you know that these are my staples! 

So in this process find your staples, try on things, stand in the mirror and even take pics...  This can give you a reason to wear things that you haven't seen in months or years.  We all fall prey to only wearing what's clean and in our sight.  It's easy, we know its clean because we just washed it or picked up from the dry cleaners. We know exactly where it is because we just put it away!  

Reinventing your look with things you already own is easier than you think and lots of fun. Try on different looks and have fun with it!  You can take your favorite Tee and wear it with  perfect fitting Denim and  a Blazer.   Don't worry too much about matching styles and Colors!  Have fun with it and try different fabrics!   Velvet or Tweed in different colors and textures!  You can take this super easy look through your day into night.

Take a pair of shorts from your summer wardrobe and wear them on a warmer fall day with tall boots and a structured blazer.  I also like to wear tall/long socks with heels and shorts.

Checkout this look from one of my favorite Instagram pages @closetsavvyconsignment

She is absolutely killing the look, but she always does!


Keep in mind when you are reinventing your look be creative without being too costume. Take risk without being too animated!  Stay on trend by using the current seasons fabric/texture and colors. 

Colors: Wine/Burgundy, Sapphire Blue, Mustard, Olive, Pink and Rust, Red, Navy, Hunter Green, Grey

Fabrics/Texture: Velvet, Plaid, Satin, Fur, Patton Leather and Chunky Knits, Rufflles 

Trends: Sweat Shirts, Statement Sleeves, Track Pants, Distressed, Floral Prints, Thin Bows, Robe like Cardigans, Suede, Shear or Tulle, Animal Pictures, Dresses and Skirts with a high slit over Pants 

Shop these looks at

Add pops of color with different style cardigans over t-shirts or blouses with trousers or denim. Wear a statement sleeve in an unexpected fabric or style.  

And finally the Toss it pile!  Toss anything that is beyond repair,  that can't be worn by anyone.  A lot of times I turn this pile into rags for the house. 


Donate it or sell as consignment things that do not fit, items that are too young for your current style or anything that is too trendy.  

So take this time to organize and add pieces to the front of your closet that look and fit great, but you haven't seen them in awhile.  Create your own staples!  I like to section my staples off in the closet and pull from other areas to "Reinvent"  looks.  Create an organized rack of clothes, whether you coordinate by color, type or style.  Make sure you can see everything and wear it all comfortably.  




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  • I absolutely enjoyed reading this article. Very informative and very helpful. I will NOT wait until the New Year to do my closet overhaul but actually start this weekend. Thank you Dylan for the great advice, suggestions, recommendations. I definitely know my current assignment!

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