I Got You Babe!! Let them know what you really want for Valentines Day!

Flowers and candy are great.  Jewelry and perfume are even better!  But there is nothing wrong with letting that special someone know what you REALLY want!  Whether it's Valentines Day, Birthday, Christmas or Saturday just because.  Some partners are just not good gift givers or they can lack in confidence when buying for you.  So I am a big advocate in letting my partner know what I want.  Like what you Really WANT!  No sugar coating, unadulterated, almost selfish let them know. I leave no room for err or disappointment on either side.

We all have felt bad at some point in our relationships when we receive a gift, and the first thought is "WTF!"  "Like out of all the hints I've dropped, and the fact that I thought you knew me!  This is what you get me?"  Okay, maybe that is a little too much and not being ungrateful, after all it is the "thought that counts!" BULLSHIT!!  But sometimes the gift can feel thoughtless, unprovoked and even uninspired.  And gifts like this can ruin the day at least my husband's day!  And "no" I am not a relationship guru, but if I may add my two cents after being married for 22 years "There is nothing like getting exactly what you want!" 

Getting what you want communicates so much more and will get you so much further away from feeling like the gift is an after thought, rushed or uninspired.  Believe me, it took years for my husband to understand this!  He actually brought me a plant off the corner one year! You know the ones the street vendors sell!  I was pissed!  I was pissed because it felt thoughtless, hurried and inconsiderate of who I am.  I don't take care of plants "he does", it had little spiders and sun damage from sitting in the heat.  When I say I was pissed!! LOL!!  But that situation served as an opening for me to be able to communicate without arguing or offense to him that my feelings were hurt because his "gift" didn't make me feel special.  Like I want fairytale presentation, a dissertation in the card expressing your unwavering, undying love that you have for me as your wife and mother to your children and caretaker to your helpless ass!  lol!!  No but really.  I just want to know that I am special, and your gift should make me feel seen and heard!     

So, this year make it easy for your special someone!  Don't just drop hints, give them the details! 

I told my husband I wanted to try HUM Nutrition and guess what, he didn't just get a bottle for me to try he got the subscription!  I am beyond excited to try them, and I know they are coming because he linked the subscript to my account so I can select my monthly choices.

In closing, "Don't be afraid to say exactly what you want!'  It is not offensive, and it will save you the time in doing returns! lol! 

I have also linked below a few of the items from my list!  I am hoping for the surprise gift to be the Beast Blender!  I will do a review after VDay!  Who knows, he just might have gotten them all for me...




XOXO Dylan

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